June 2022

The growing acceptance and popularity of cosmetic surgery brings with it some real concerns and dangers. Altering one’s physical appearance with surgery is not something to be undertaken lightly. Surgery is always irreversible to some degree, if only due to the scar(s). Cosmetic surgery is real surgery and carries all the potential risks of any operation: infection, bleeding, injuring to structures near the surgical site, poor healing, unsightly scars, and anesthetic complications. Then there are the potential life-threatening complications such as blood clots leading to embolism in the lungs, heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia, and more. There are books written on surgical complications.

The weighing of risk versus benefit takes on special significance in cosmetic surgery because it is medically unnecessary. Patients undergo cosmetic procedures because they wish to, not because they need to. Ideally, cosmetic surgery would be free of risk, but that is not reality. It is incumbent, however, for surgeons to do everything in their power to minimize the risks for any cosmetic procedure for every patient. Enter the Brazilian Butt Lift, popularly known as the BBL.

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