A Thought Experiment- musing on the November elections

Although I disagreed with several of his points, I thought this was very clever, so I came up with my own thought experiment. Here it is:

  1. The democratic party, realizing they have failed to unseat Trump by declaring the election invalid, invoking the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, having psychiatrists say he is unfit, subverting FISA with a manufactured Russian collusion hoax and giving us two years of the failed Mueller probe, and subjecting the country to the impeachment farce, now realize that their last hope is the unexpected gift of a virus. If they can only keep the country locked down and a stranglehold on the economy, maybe, just maybe they can dislodge Trump.
  2. The left-leaning main stream media embarks on a campaign of unrelenting bad news with numbers of cases climbing even in the face of dropping hospitalizations and mortality and pushes for a continued lockdown, closure of public schools, social distancing, mask wearing, etc. Criticism of the Trump administration is scathing. “Case” numbers are published without regard to whether the person has symptoms or not. They de-legitimize doctors that promote off label use of relatively harmless drugs such as hydroxychloroquine despite extensive experience showing it may be useful to reduce severe illness and deaths. Facebook and Twitter censor or delete any posts that do not fit the left narrative.
  3. Knowing their own candidate is hopelessly impaired with unmistakable signs of dementia, they keep him in seclusion in his home and bring him out only enough so his constituency can see he is still with us, and only briefly and under carefully controlled circumstances. It is too late to float another viable presidential candidate, so they pin their hopes on Biden due to his established voter base.  
  4. They search for a running mate for Biden who can ride his coattails into the White House, if step No. 1 is successful. They know the VP will be the de facto president and will choose someone who would never have a prayer of being elected on their own, ideally a progressive, radical, minority member of fluid gender.
  5. The democrats and the MSM continually push false narratives, knowing if you publish a lie enough times, people will come to believe it, e.g. that the Federal government, i.e. Trump, has no right to send in Federal agents to protect Federal building or maintain law and order when local authorities show themselves incapable of doing this.
  6. They push for mail in votes knowing it is much easier to subvert these than with in-person voting wherein the voter must present valid identification.
  7. Once they win the White House, Biden will be declared, or declare himself, unfit and step aside. The VP will assume the presidency and begin to enact the progressive agenda, which was the goal all along: dismantle the electoral college; open US borders to all; forgive all student loans; provide free college for anyone; nationalize health insurance for all including government funded abortion on demand at any stage of the pregnancy; revive the Green New Deal; provide restitution for any past discrimination against any group be they slaves, Indians, Japanese-Americans, Chinese, etc.; establish a list of government- approved history books to be taught in public schools so they can teach a new generation of children what a terrible, imperialistic, racist country they live in; shut down charter schools as unnecessary; enact new taxes on the “rich” and redistribute wealth so that all can share equally in the results of their labor with Bernie Sanders the new Secretary of the Treasury. Finally, she will declare the entire United States as a “safe space” where any speech related to age, sex, gender, race, religion, or ethnicity that offends anyone can be considered “hate” speech and prosecuted. the new bar on public discourse will be “does it offend anyone?” To handle the mass of litigation, the National Bar Association will approve a national correspondence course leading to a law degree.
  8. We all live happily ever after……………

Richard T. Bosshardt, MD, FACS

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