Some Questions

4. Why do we keep insisting the the only route out of this pandemic (if it is any longer really a pandemic) is vaccination and ignore the facts the nearly two thirds of Americans are vaccinated and that one third to one half of the population has recovered from Covid, despite the fact that studies increasingly show natural immunity is equal to or, more likely, better than vaccine immunity?

5. Why do we ignore the fact that nothing, absolutely nothing, has stopped the spread of Covid, whether the original virus, Delta, and certainly not Omicron- yet persist in pushing masks and social distancing for everyone, even those at low risk of serious disease, e.g. children and young adults, those who are fully vaccinated, and those who have had Covid, recovered, and now possess natural immunity?

6. Why, in God’s name, do we insist on vaccinating K-12 children when we have known since the start of the pandemic they, of all age groups, are the least at risk, with less chance of serious disease than with seasonal flu?

7. Why do we allow the teacher’s unions and school boards to maintain school closings of children, masking of children, and highly damaging virtual learning to protect adults, most of whom are at low risk and all of whom have the ability, if they choose, to protect themselves with vaccination? When did it become acceptable to use children as shields to protect adults who won’t protect themselves?

8. Why is it dangerous to walk into a restaurant without a mask, yet people can sit there for hours eating, drinking, laughing, and talking loudly without the virus spreading to others who are doing the same?

9. Why does a mask fog my glasses, yet the virus cannot escape that way?

10. Why do we claim to honor the millions of men and women throughout our history who died to protect and preserve our constitutional liberties yet are willing to give them up without protest and at the drop of a hat in order to avoid a less-than-one-in-a-hundred chance of dying from a virus? When did the overarching principle of American life become to avoid death at any cost, even that of our hard-earned liberties?

11. When did we go from a people who are famously individualistic and highly suspicious of government to a people who will swallow even the most outrageous government lies- “the border is secure”, “this budget (Build Back Better) won’t cost a dime”, and Biden’s allegedly “extraordinarily successful” Afghan withdrawal-  and accept the pronouncements of an obviously impaired President as though he was perfectly intellectually sound? When will we realize the emperor truly has no clothes?

12. When did our media go from reporting the news with accuracy and integrity to being an ideological mouthpiece for the progressive left?

13. When do we go from being Americans to allowing others to divide us by identity based on immutable features like race, ethnicity, and gender? When did we abandon Martin Luther King’s goal that our character should count for more than the color of our skin?  When we get the idea that it is healthy to teach some children that they are privileged victimizers, born guilty of sins committed by those who died generations ago? Or teach others that they are born oppressed victims?

14. When did racism become the focus and cause of every disparity in our society and who decided that the way to end discrimination is reverse discrimination? Who decided that claiming not to be racist is a racist statement? Who defines what, exactly, is a “microaggression?”

15. Why are some people seeking to require passports attesting to our fully vaccinated status in order to allow people to engage in the normal activities of daily life, such as going out shopping, to a movie, dining out, going to school, attending some event, traveling, and even going to work to make a living, yet  those same people claim that requiring positive identification for something as important as voting is undemocratic and discriminatory?

16. When did gender become “fluid”? How is it that trans-women are competing with biological women and leaving them in the dust, yet we do not see the same happening with trans-men competing with biological men? In all the discussion of fairness and equity, how is this fair to biological women? When did we vote on changing the definitions of “man” and “woman”?

I have more questions but that is probably enough for now. Just asking.

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