The Only Conspiracy in the Lab Leak Theory was in the Cover-up by Those Complicit in Unleashing Covid on the World

Astoundingly, and against all science and common sense, mRNA vaccines whose long term effects remain poorly understood are now recommended by the CDC and rubber stamped by the American Academy of Pediatrics to become a component of established vaccine schedules for children despite the fact that Covid has been consistently shown to be no danger to children. Vaccine boosters with essentially no real data supporting their safety and efficacy continue to be pushed by the government for everyone, young and old. The economy still struggles to recover from prolonged lockdowns and profligate pandemic-related government spending that has led to the highest inflation in decades and a critical shortage of workers in many industries.

Of the many issues surrounding Covid, one of the most important is where did it come from. It is crucial that we know this. Not knowing means we remain vulnerable to another, similar pandemic from the same source and, if this one was any indicator, the next could be apocalyptic.

From the beginning, the juxtaposition of Wuhan as the epicenter of the pandemic and the site of the only level 4 virology lab in all of China was just too coincidental to be dismissed. Yet, dismissed it was, without any real effort to investigate the lab as the possible source of the virus. Any attempt to suggest a lab leak as the source of Covid was shut down by none other than Anthony Fauci himself. Fauci collected a group of scientists who were beholden to him for financial backing of their research to sign a letter, published in the Lancet, one of the two most prestigious medical journals in the world, to the effect that any implication that the Wuhan lab was the source of Covid was the stuff of fevered conspiracy theorists. This position held sway for the next several years and any one who suggested otherwise was cancelled, vilified, or simply disregarded as being outside “science”, which Fauci famously stated he represented.

Now, we know differently. Truth and facts can only be denied or covered up for so long. Real scientists, not bureaucratic hacks like Fauci, have clearly shown to a near certainty that the virus was manufactured through gain of function research, a frightening, dystopic misuse of science with terrifying potential, which was funded in part with US dollars which can be traced directly from Fauci’s coffers to an intermediary, Eco Health Alliance, and then to the Wuhan lab. A growing number of data points, timelines, and other corroborating evidence all now point to the lab as the source. Even our clueless government and feckless legacy media now have to admit the high likelihood of a lab leak source. Even so, they act as though this is the result of new information rather than  information that has been available since the onset of the pandemic.

Could this have made a difference in the course of the pandemic? Of course, if for no other reason than that it might have led for a worldwide push for China to come clean and provide important information on the virus, information that might have made a difference in fighting Covid and has never been made available to this date. We will never know how things could have been different and how many millions of lives could have been saved.

Fatigue or not, we cannot afford to forget the Covid pandemic and just put it behind us for two reasons. One is to prevent a repeat of this in the future. The other is that millions of voices, both living and dead, cry out for justice and accountability. Anyone and everyone who was complicit in the origin and disinformation about the pandemic, and the catastrophic mismanagement through the past three years, needs to be held accountable starting with the Chinese Communist Party and Anthony Fauci.

Richard T. Bosshardt, MD, FACS

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