They are coming for our children

Woke progressive ideologues in the teacher’s unions and school boards promote indoctrination of elementary age children by enacting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that teach students that their race, ethnicity, or gender are the most important thing about them. They teach intersectionality, a toxic blending of various immutable identitarian features of each child, e.g. race, ethnicity, and gender, which determines their relative oppressiveness or victimhood. Of course, the most significant feature is their “whiteness.” Unlike the leftist take on gender, race is a binary; you are white or you are not. Never mind that few children in a true melting pot like America are purely anything. “Privileged” white children are saddled with historical guilt for things that happened generations before they were born. Non-white children are forever characterized as victims with little to no agency in determining their own futures. Woke progressives gave us prolonged school lockdowns, masking of young children, and vaccine mandates, all of which were long ago shown to be harmful and of no value in dealing with the pandemic.

Progressive have succeeded in doing something never before accomplished: cleaving gender from biological sex. Biological sex, rather than determined at conception by the union of X and Y chromosomes, is now “assigned” at birth and fungible. If you feel you are a man trapped in a woman’s body or vice versa, some puberty blockers, hormones, and surgery will fix the glitch. Progressives demand that any child exhibiting gender confusion must be “affirmed”, no matter their age or extenuating circumstances and offered the full resources of modern medicine to reinforce that belief, despite the proven fact that over 80% of such children eventually settle into their natal sex if left alone. Of those who don’t, some are gay, not trans. True trans are a miniscule percentage of the population, well below 1%. Nowhere else in medicine is such an uncritical affirming approach taken. We don’t do brain surgery on the word someone who says they have a brain tumor without a proper diagnostic workup. Mutilating procedures like amputation of normal breasts and penises, and incredibly complex operations to artificially construct penises and vaginas are couched in cutesy terms like “top” and “bottom” surgery. Parents of children claiming to be trans are coerced with choices like, “do you want a live son or a dead daughter?” by medical professionals who have sold their souls to gender activists.

The word ‘gender’ has been hijacked to mean literally anything you want it to mean. Non-binary, agender, pangender, two-spirit? The number of genders has swelled to where the term is meaningless. Even those who profess one of these fabricated “genders” cannot coherently define them. Progressives demand that we accept this as normative and any objection clearly stems from hate or intolerance. LGBTQIA+ (with seemingly endless pluses) lumps incompatible groups together as though lesbians, gays, trans, and queers have anything in common beyond a non-heternormative sexual orientation. Progressives are now teaching this in elementary education with coursework that normalizes gender confusion and extracurricular activites like drag queen story hour. We risk losing a generation of children to a radical, dystopic agenda seeking to abolish biological sex. The more successful this push is, the fewer children will be able to, or desire to, become parents later. Which leads to the third leg.

Elite, wealthy progressives claim we are in a climate crisis posing an immediate existential risk and requiring radical measures. The earth is burning up! It isn’t global warming anymore; it is global broiling! The polar ice caps are melting. Earth cannot support so many people. Undeniably, the most visible spokesperson for this is Greta Thunberg, a Swedish girl with Asperger’s Syndrome (a mild form of autism) and obsessive-compulsive disorder whose climate activism began at 15. We must eliminate greenhouse gases and fossil fuels at any cost, and without a viable alternative, even if it means millions might die in a cold winter. The value of a human life is inversely proportional to the amount of carbon dioxide it produces. We must scale back agriculture even if it means mass starvation. Large scale human death might actually be a good thing for goddess earth whose value exceeds that of the humans who populate her.

What do these three legs of the progressive agenda have in common? They all target children to indoctrinate, confuse, devalue, and exploit them. Will we take seriously our obligation to protect them? If we do not history will judge us harshly, and we will deserve it.

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  1. Ellis Ellis

    Dr. Bosshardt, Interesting 3 prong approach as you described. The United States accounts for $150 billion child trafficking, industry via pedophile and child trafficking. I would suggest everyone see the movie “the sound of freedom”.

    But to the take your analysis, one step further, the corruption we are witnessing in CIA, FBI, DHS, and the Biden family… we are no better then a 3 world banana republic of Venezuela.

    • rtbosshardt

      Ellis, Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. I did see the Sound of Freedom and it truly opened my eyes. I have been suspicious of the various assualts by the left on race, gender, and climate that seem to do the most damage to children and this is what prompted me to write. I stand by this and predict that I will be proven correct in time. Rick

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