An E-Mail Exchange with the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons

This is the response to my reply from Susan Russell, Executive Director of the FSPS:

Dear Dr. Bosshardt:

Thank you for your message. Membership in the AMA certainly is a personal decision, and we certainly understand that recent stances from that organization are not in line with the views of many of our members.

That being said, we at the FSPS will continue to strive to have the voices of Florida plastic surgeons heard at every possible forum at which public policy is formed, whether it be the Florida Board of Medicine and Legislature, Congress, the Florida Medical Association and, yes, the AMA.

Thank you for your engagement on this issue, as involved members do make the best advocates.


My final reply:

I have never been more disappointed with organized medicine than I am today. I wonder if my wonderful profession is beyond salvage and I worry about the level of care I will receive when I am old an in need of medical care. This should be a concern for us all given the focus on race essentialism to explain all disparities in medicine, the every growing government bureaucracy and control of medical care, unscientific ideologies directing medical care, such as affirming gender dysphoria in adolescents with puberty blockers and even surgery, and ignoring such basic medical precepts as acquired immunity after viral infections in the case of Covid. Body “positivity” has replaced living a healthy life and cast aside the physical and emotional toll of obesity, which is now the default status of over two thirds of Americans. And the list goes on. Richard T. Bosshardt, MD, FACS

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