Do Viral Research Scientists Have a Death Wish?

This is the world in which we now live, folks. Morally unmoored scientists undertaking experiments that risk a pandemic which could destroy the global economy and kill millions more than Covid. If this concerns you, become informed and write your Congressman demanding an immediate rigorous, scientific, transparent, and independent investigation of the origins of the Covid pandemic. The Wuhan lab leak hypothesis has gone from a crackpot theory advanced by fevered conspiracy theorists and deserving of censure according to Anthony Fauci and 27 other virology signatories of a letter to Lancet in February 2020, to a near certainty, with enough circumstantial evidence to stand up in a court of law. This shift occurred because a few brave, contrarian scientists and journalists refused to accept the outright dismissal of an obvious possibility. It did not take long for irrefutable facts to poke holes all over the theory of a “natural” origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Take a few of the hours you spend on Tik Tok and do a little online research. It is all there for anyone who looks.

Gain of function research continues as I write this and the NIH, NAIAD, and  Eco Health Alliance continue to fund this potentially catastrophic exercise with no demonstrable benefit, including in the virology lab in Wuhan which, according to all available evidence, was ground zero for the origin of the pandemic.

This should terrify any thinking adult.

Richard T. Bosshardt, MD, FACS

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