No longer a Fellow- why I am leaving the American College of Surgeons

After 28 years as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, I am done. Although it breaks my heart, I will no longer be Richard Bosshardt, MD, FACS. If you want to know why, read on.

When I was in my surgical training, I first noted that some of the attending surgeons had the initials, FACS after the MD behind their name. I learned that this stood for Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (ACS). The ACS represents all surgical specialties.

Fellowship in the College was more than just a matter of applying, paying a fee, and getting a certificate. To be considered, you had to have an unrestricted medical license and be board-certified in a surgical specialty by a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties. You had to have been in a full-time practice in one location for at least one year. You had to have unrestricted hospital privileges and no reportable actions against you. You had to have references from two Fellows of the College. Once you were elected to Fellowship, there was a ceremony at the annual meeting of the ACS, very much like a graduation ceremony, in full cap and gown, at which new Fellows pledged to always adhere to, and uphold, the highest standards of surgical practice and always place the care of their patients first and foremost. (Please continue to page 2- see below)

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  1. Ellen Wilcox

    Yes, yes, please go on! I know the background and credentials necessary, but why are you bowing out? I cannot possibly imagine that YOU do not adhere strictly to the “rules of engagement.” (Pardon my référence to a military term, but you know what I mean!). So, why? You post leaves me hanging………🤔

    Ellen B Wilcox

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      • Dr Tharusha Gunawardena

        Hi Rick. Just so you know you come across as completely oblivious (cognitive dissonance) and so frankly you did the right thing by everyone by moving on. Good riddance

      • David Dukes

        Respectfully, You did the right thing leaving. I disagree with your reasoning for leaving but everyone is entitled to their own opinions right or wrong. It does baffle me that your idea of “excellence” is dry and outdated, thus why I think you made a good choice of leaving. You can read books about CRT, talk to “a single black colleague” but until you can stand in front of a room and voice your opinions (through research or other means) as I am sure you have done you cannot get a sense of where your opinions may right or wrong. Just because I have one white colleague who agrees with BLM, clearly does not show the full picture. Just because I know a police officer who disagrees with recent incidents obviously doesn’t echo the sentiments across the country (hence blue lives matter, police officers participating at insurrection etc) . So instead of making a blog post wanting civil discussion step up to the podium or zoom call and share your opinions for the masses to see. It is not anyone job in these comments to educate you on forward progression is excellence or why it is needed for a level playing field. I however believe if you strongly believe against something and choose to not be a part of it, it’s your humanly right because if you don’t stand for anything you’ll fall for anything. However it is disappointing to see someone in a profession dedicated to the care of HUMANs make a comment we don’t need more black male surgeons, need more excellent surgeons as if statistics hasn’t already showed how wrong that statement. Statement also implies if the college is becoming more diverse that excellence is somewhat being sacrificed. Like I said before I agree with your choice to move on, because I know as a Black Male who have been in numerous PWI environments, called all the names, mistaken identity list goes on, I CHOOSE to leave and stay away from those who challenge my credentials or intelligence. Why? Because I know my competence and skill level doesn’t have to put with BS anymore.

        *typed on phone forgive any grammatical or spelling error*

        • David, Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I feel I must clear up one possible misconception. My statement regarding needing more black surgeons versus excellent surgeons who happen to be black was an attempt, perhaps badly worded, to indicate that I am against quotas in something like surgery. All surgeons should meet the same criteria regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or other means of identity and this is where I have issues with the ACS, which seems to be looking at diversity and inclusion as desirable in and of themselves. I want my surgeon to be excellently trained and competent, and to practice according to the principles spelled out in the Fellowship pledge. I don’t care if they are white, black, brown, yellow, or some other color. The best mastectomy surgeon in my community is a black female and, if my wife needed surgery for breast cancer, she is who I would have my wife go to. Sincerely, Rick

      • Adam Skinner

        so where is the other page? I can’t find it here as it’s nowhere on this post. I’ll go look further maybe but reading comments shows others face similar prob. Certainly agree that race or how anyone looks should not be relevant to what job you do n certainly not to whether you get a job or not, we used to all agree on this, it was nasty racist BS to judge folks on skin color or claim that different races think differently. Diversity is far more than skin deep or what genitalia u happen to have, we have amazing complex minds and many different life experiences that effect our thoughts far more than skin color. I’m so sick of fools with vested interests, academics, politicians n the media pushing this nasty racist BS as if it were an accepted fact. Some are gaining wealth, power n influence through pushing these lies n BS but it will be the weak n innocent who suffer most in the long run. Fools riot n loot then wonder why the businesses have closed, why there’s no jobs or local investment where there had been before. Some young fools may get a free tv or clothing but this is at the expense of others jobs n livelihoods. Then the rich n powerful tell them it’s due to “systemic racism” that must be fought by more burning n looting. They make BS comments about unaccountable racist cops killing innocent people for no reason but anyone honestly looking at it knows it’s BS so most just don’t look n repeat the lie n even believe it to some extent. Thugs use the lie to excuse their behavior, the media n politicians make criminals caught doing crime and resisting arrest into national heroes, making them or their relatives rich but not as rich as the race baiters, media n politicians. Where does all this nasty racist BS end? I can’t help wondering if this is how Nazi Germany convinced enough folks to go along with their racist BS or the suffering folks in the Soviet Union to go along with the show trials n propaganda that they knew was BS while trying to get by in a society that could turn on them personally at any time for no real reason or logic

        • Adam, So sorry. The way the blog is set up, you have to scroll down a bit to find the place to click for page 2. I tried to remedy that by adding a small instruction at the end of page 1. If you know how to fix this, I would love to know. I can’t seem to figure it out. Thank you for commenting. I hope you get to page 2. It explains much.

    • Jamie Wood

      This is very sad to see this “movement” or whatever it’s called, creeping into every area of our society. Microaggression! Well Doctor, I’m proud of you to take this hard stand and hope many of your fellow colleagues will follow your . God Bless

  2. If you this the ACS is bad, you should the PC virtue signaling crxp coming from the American Pediatric Surgery Association (APSA) not to mention the paean to the BLM by my alma mater, Holy Cross

    • Elaine B

      I hope you do leave. My husband and I (both fellowship trained surgeons) will join in your absence and support an organization that is working to be more inclusive and racially diverse. I never wanted to join prior but now knowing racists like you are leaving, I’m happy to join.

      • Charles M

        Elaine, you’re supporting an explicitly racist movement yourself that puts Whites and Asians at a disadvantage and advocates for present and future discrimination as a remedy for historical discrimination (which itself is usually exaggerated or misrepresented). Diversity should not be valued or promoted, only allowed and accepted as one possible outcome given equal opportunity. Underrepresentation is not inherently bad and it may even be natural in some instances as a result of biological differences (e.g. gender gap in STEM). Equity puts race front and center, destroys the ideal of merit, and discriminates against Whites and males. I would not feel safe being treated by your or your husband because of your racist, toxic, and pseudoscientific views. Please make your views public so people can avoid you two.

        • Charles, You make some excellent points that I did not and you expressed them very well. Those who have commented critically seem to have completely missed the point of my blog post or their ideology does not permit them to see any validity to what I have said. I have no problem with someone disagreeing with me. I take issue when they ignore the topic, substitute their own interpretation of what I have said and argue that, or simply attack me personally. They always seem to come from the progressive left, which has brought us cancel culture, shouting down invited speakers on college campus, in-your-face rants to persons who simply happen to cross their path, riots in the guise of protests, microaggressions to mean anything that makes them uncomfortable or goes against their beliefs, and safe spaces. This culture of confrontation needs to change but how do you speak to people who dismiss you outright if you are a privilege, supremacist, white racist male?

      • If the ACS continues on its current course, you will be welcome. When the ACS collapses under the weight of its progressive direction, don’t forget to close the door on your way out.
        Sorry, to disabuse you, but I have not committed to leaving yet. I am actually having some conversations with ACS leaders and have found agreement with some of my concerns. You would do better to engage in civil discussion rather than just labeling someone like me a racist. By the way, I’m not. Believe what you will. I try to be civil, but when people defame me based on nothing more than a blog post, I get a little hot. I will try very hard to refrain from to calling you names. We are adults and this is not some elementary school yard disagreement with name calling as the mode of communication.

      • Jacks Lack Of Surprise

        Elaine, You are ideologically possessed and low informed.

        You’re the reason the word racism is nearing a point where it’ll be meaningless.

        You care nothing about diversity. You want people who look different but think the same.

        You don’t know how to present an argument let alone a counter argument. You don’t want discourse. You want power. And control. You’re a tyrant if handed the keys. You’re what you claim to hate. And I would be terrible to have you or your husband operate on anyone I know.

        You’re so immature and unscientific that you believe equal outcomes is possible and worse a good idea.

        You’re the poison ruining this country for immigrants and those who fought for civil rights.

        • Hello Celia, My definition is simple: anyone who judges another based on the color of their skin. You can get into other things, such as ethnic background, but at its heart, there it is. When we judge others by something as superficial as melanin content of their skin, where they come from, who their parents were, what socio-economic level they come from, it is wrong. I was raised by a Brazilian mother and American father. I was taught from the first that we are God’s children, equal in the eyes of our creator, and of infinite worth. Anything that contradicts that is wrong. Critical Race Theory, which is what I find myself now embroiled in fighting is the antithesis of this. It wants to divide us according to color and merely substitutes one form of racism for another. Check out FAIR, I joined and you might consider it as well. Racism from any direction is evil. Best, Rick

    • Excellent question. I finally received some official acknowledgement from the ACS regarding my letter and action. I dp not want to simply abandon the ACS, but I expressed graves concerns about the direction of our College over 4 months and, before that, in 2019 in a commentary following the Olga M. Jonasson Lecture by Dr. Joan Reede in March 2019. I was met with silence. This step I have taken has generated more response so far than anything else. It seems to be true that you have to take dramatic action to be heard. I truly do not want to leave the ACS but I cannot stomach the progressive lunacy it seems to be embracing. Rick

      • Wave

        “I was met with silence. This step I have taken has generated more response so far than anything else. It seems to be true that you have to take dramatic action to be heard”

        LOL. I was wondering why you didn’t just leave silently. Like why dramatically announce you’re leaving?… ah, the things we do for attention. The attention shifted from you and people like you to others, and of course we can’t have any of that.

        • I did not leave “silently” as you suggest, for two reasons. One was that I wanted to share with my non-medical friends and associates what is going on in my profession. This is something they would have no way of knowing about since it does not warrant coverage in the media, despite being a great shift in the values and positions of the ACS. The second is that I would like to know how many others out there feel as I do. I fail to understand your criticism. It appears to be focused on me and not on the issue I raise. If you feel this is without merit, then say so. Don’t just attack me.

        • Some of it I cannot except to say that it came from a high level. The response did not address my concerns in any meaningful way. It was a personal answer that explained why I had not heard from anyone. I am continuing to seek dialogue with the ACS on this issue.

    • I believe you try to work within the system. My threat to leave, which isn’t much of a threat, when you think about it, was borne of frustration with getting no acknowledgement to my letter to the ACS leadership about my concerns regarding the direction of the ACS. I have since spoken to some of them and found them to be reasonable people. I will continue to engage and see where this goes. If the ACS shows signs of backing out of the progressive rabbit hole it seems bent on going down, I will consider staying.

  3. Jeff Klein

    Good lord. You’re talking about a profession where more than 20% of med school graduates believe Black people have a higher threshold of pain, Black women are way more likely to die in childbirth, and most medications/medical procedures/etc are all calibrated to white men during tests. Get over yourself and your standards of excellence.

    • Which Jeff Klein might you be? You sound like a physician, and the only physician JK I know of personally is a dermatologist. I am not speaking about medical students and, if I were, I would like to know where you get your 20% from. I am speaking about trained surgeons and if excellence is an irrelevant, archaic measure then something is seriously amiss with our profession. I find the accusatory tone mystifying. Just what did I say that was so objectionable? If you want to disagree with me, disagree, but try to refrain from personal attacks.

      • Jeff Klein

        I’m not a physician, but I work in social determinants of health, and I can tell you that racism is one of them, and in total, non-physical health elements account for 55% of health outcomes, so if completely write off CRT because Fox News and three Black Academics question whether white people need to re-examine the role of racism in shaping all of American life, then you’re not striving for execellence. When the life span of Black Americans matches that of White Americans, then you can take your foot off the gas, but don’t quit because you don’t like your privilege being challenged.

        Here’s the UVA stuffy:

        Here’s one I just found by googling “racism and anesthesiology”

        Here’s another

        This what I meant by dropping the “excellence” talk. You should be doubling down on ensuring excellence in being anti-racist for the sake of Black patients, not joining throngs of whiney white dudes upset about finding out their history teachers left out a bunch of stuff.

        • I accept that racism is a problem. I reject the notion promoted by CRT and organizations, such as Black Lives Matter, that everying should be viewed through a racist lens. You missed the point of my post entirely. The ACS is a professional organization which represents surgeons, all surgeons regardless of specialty, race, gender, or ethnicity. Anyone with the desire and intelligence to be a surgeon, and willing to work incredibly hard to become one, is welcome. CRT race theory, which the ACS is clearly embracing with its recommendation to add anti-racism, a construct of CRT, to its values, is a bankrupt, controversial ideology which is not accepted by many non-whites. It has no place in our College. There are better ways to deal with racial disparities in medicine. I will leave it at that.

      • Linelle Campbell, MD, MS

        Would love to hear your ideas on dealing with the problem of racism in medicine. If teaching it isn’t enough or shouldn’t be a starting point, how do we deal and solve it?

  4. Jeff Klein

    Just because it challenges you, doesn’t make it “bankrupt,” and pointing to “many non-whites” without naming someone other than, who? McWhorter? D’Souza? Sowell? Carson? A Black evangelical you follow? doesn’t QED your argument. Next you’ll tell me there are could prominent Flat Earthers, or some studies linking Vaccines to autism, or that the science community doesn’t totally agree on climate change.

    • You forgot Shelby Steele, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington among others who decry CRT. Your objection to those individuals is, what? They aren’t black enough? They are too educated? Have you even looked into CRT to find out what it seeks to accomplish? Your false equivalencies by bringing up flat earthers (I don’t think they deserve captialization), anti-vaxxers, and climate change (huh?) is ludicrous and laughable. Thanks for the chuckle. There haven’t been too many of those in these comments.

    • Klein’s Conscious

      Hahah, name dropping Sowell after presenting unequal numbers as proof of racism?! Hahah.

      Mr. Klein. You were trolling right? It was a joke? Said with a wink? You really are a funny guy! Hahaha!

  5. sw869

    There’s a lot to wade through here. Let’s start with your relationship with the ACS. I found it fascinating that you admitted that you have not really been involved with the ACS. . . at least not until your casual linkage with them (literally in name only) became a nice foil for your diatribe. Second, and far more importantly, your letter demonstrates a profound lack of understanding about systemic racism. Do you not see the assumptions you are making in the statement, “Success in obtaining a residency position in any surgical specialty depends more on one’s performance in medical school, recommendations from one’s professors. . .” Your assumption that everyone is starting from a level playing field, with the same obstacles in front of them, has been shown to be wrong time and again. Your letter also seems to poorly grasp some basic facts. The line, “. . .it is disingenuous to claim that our residencies and our College lack diversity or inclusiveness,” is demonstrably false. Would you please provide the percent of FACS faculty who are BIPOC, then? If it does not track with the representation in the broader population (note: it does not), would you care to posit why?
    You said in one comment that “There are better ways to deal with racial disparities in medicine.” OK. Go on. We are all listening. Please provide your evidence-based approaches that are preferable.
    And, yes, I am a physician with numerous leadership roles in numerous organizations. (I am actually very involved in all of them.) As such, I am glad to see you giving up your FACS – you clearly do not do the designation any honor.
    Susan R. Wilcox, MD, FACEP, FCCM, FAAEM

    • Susan, Please see my general reply which addresses several of your critiques. I have no idea what the percentage of BIPOC surgeons is in the ACS. Do you? I take exception with, among other things, the idea that all institutions need to reflect the same racial, ethnic, gender ratios as the society at large. This is a quota system and quotas that do not take into account more than identity are wrong, period. If we go down that road, let’s jump on the NFL, the NBA, Golf, the corporate world, education, and others who do not reflect the culture at large. In surgery, qualifications are straightforward and measurable. Competence and excellence should be the goals, not some arbitrary number. We do not need more black surgeons. We need more excellent surgeons and some may happen to be black. I am not saying that we have achieved full racial parity. Far from it. That is an ongoing process, but we have made great strides in my lifetime. My mother remembers when she arrived from Brazil and saw segregation for the first time. She was appalled and would purposefully drink from the “black only” water fountains and use the “black only” public facilities. My parents taught me every person is deserving of equal consideration. That was the culture I was raised in. My post was about the ACS and its progressive leanings and adoption of CRT. Others, like you have jumped on me trying to expand this to include the entire issue of racism in society. That is unfair. You may disagree with what I wrote but do not attribute to me more than this. You do not know me.

      • Physician Somewhere

        Rick, I could become angry and frustrated with your views. I could bring up how contradicting your arguments sound at times. However, all I feel is pitty and sadnnes that people like you (including those who agree with you in these posts) will never grow or learn anything beyond the close-minded, stubborn worldview you were brought up with. Likely, you will never understand the arguments of equity, diversity and human rights and you will spend all your energy defending your worldview which will continue to isolate you from people that don’t think in these narrow ways. That’s a very sad life. Eventually you may become so angry about everything that questions your views but yet claim to follow Jesus (who was not judgemental and who was not known for valuing merit or excellence, but instead humanity). I know many people like you who are stuck in their mindset and can’t relax, can’t enjoy life and can’t truly experience the love of God because they have created this very legalistic way of thinking; instead of welcoming others and acknowledging the horrible effect this way of thinking has impacted different people groups, especially people of color. I really hope there will be hope for you to experience true freedom and you will one day feel free from the burden you carry daily to defend your current worldview which requires anger, pride, self-righteousness and tons of energy.

        • Dear PS, Are you really a physician? I have to ask because you come across as not very educated, and you clearly have no clue as to what I wrote. I know of some who have actually opened up a new email address/identity just so they could post anonymously. I will take your identity and post at face value in order to respond Thank you for your concern. You need not lose any sleep over this. I am fine, my relationship with God is fine, as is my relationship with my fellow man, of all races, ethnicities, etc. excluding, perhaps, a few like you. I would suggest you read my blog again, this time with an open mind. Perhaps you should do a little research into Critical Race Theory also, as you obviously have no clue about this. I will bite: tell me what is contradictory about my post. I will be delighted to hear from you.

  6. The most thorough way to understand racism in medicine is to talk with Black physicians.
    If you don’t know any, send me an email; the culture shift we’re in is very necessary for those of us who live it every single day.

    • I did, and spent an hour on the phone with a black surgical colleague, who has been a friend for nearly forty years, to get his opinion. Suffice it to say that we agreed way more than we disagreed.

      • Linelle Campbell

        Speaking to one black physician who validates your opinion means nothing. I’m sure if you get group of them together you would get a wide range of opinions and perspectives. That’s where you miss the point. The “my one black friend” excuse doesn’t suffice for the experience of the majority of black people in medicine.

        • You do not know me or who I spoke to. How do you know what the experience of the majority of black people in medicine is? I did not say it fully validates my position, but it does indicate that someone with the life experience to provide a credible opinion does not find what I have said to be racist, as some claim. If my opinion means nothing to you, then I guess there is nothing more to be said. I have a lot of black colleagues in my community. My wife’s primary is a black female physician. The internist I most respect and would happily go to is a female, black physician married to a caucasian.You are surprisingly judgemental.

  7. This is not a diatribe about lost excellence, it is a racist diatribe that is seeped in white cultural supremacy and privilege. The ACS should disassociate from people who lack a growth mindset and an intention to learn and serve our people. You should aim higher and aim for excellence at all levels.

    • Please tell me how this is post is racist. My objection is to the inclusion of CRT and progressive ideology. I stand by that. It is difficult to engage in a reasoned, civil discussion when all one sees is my whiteness, supposed supremacy, and privilege. You don’t know me, yet presume to label me. If we can dispense with the labels, we can have a conversation. Otherwise, not.

      • Elaine B

        This post is racist and the fact that you don’t see it shows how uneducated you are about race and racism. If you aren’t fighting for change, you’re complacent and adding to the problem. The fact that you want to become uninvolved in a group that is advocating for diversity shows that you are anti diversity. Whether you knew this about yourself or not, your idea of excellence seems to not include people of color. I think it’s time you learn about yourself.

        • You are a perfect example of why civil discourse is not possible with some. You call my post racist but refuse to tell how why you think so. You ascribe the worst possible motive to my post and accuse me of being anti-diversity because I disagree with CRT. I have said nothing about being against diversity. You make simplistic, inaccurate summation of what I have said. You make further accusation, none of which you provide any reasoning for that I do not wish to include people of color. I would suggest the same to you that you do to me.

          • I think you may be on to something. Most of these who have commented negatively about my blog have chosen to label me, accused me of opinions I did not voice, interpreting what I have said in the worst possible way, or used this brief blog post to judge everything from my intelligence to my Christian faith. None has attempted to initiate a civil reasoned discussion. These are standard progressive playbook tactics: shut people down by accusing them, raising straw man arguments, refusing to address what they have said directly, and/or labeling them in ways, e.g. you are racist, that will delegitimize anything they say.

    • Jacks Lack Of Surprise

      What a privilege you have Dr. Sabha! To be able to publicly cast collective guilt without repercussions!

      Tell me. What color do you use when casting collective guilt on say…Chinese people? And what is it that they are collectively blamed for in your bigoted world? Or are we to believe you only do this with people of white skin?

      How do you refer to a white Bosnian Muslim? Or a white skinned Mexican? You do know they exist don’t you?

      Or do you think “they” are all the same? Just one giant identity group that you can explain and dismiss via skin color.

      Abhorrent. You’re everything you hate.

    • Celia Nelson

      “racist diatribe that is seeped in white cultural supremacy and privilege” is a compilation of trendy talking points which effectively demean and dismiss the argument without actually making an argument.

  8. Avis Barker

    Looking at the image associated with this blog displays the need for increased diversity and inclusion to be taught and encouraged. Do you feel that people of color are less qualified, less able to meet the standards of surgery and fellowship of ACS? I am unsure as to why promoting diversity and non-racism would equate to negating quality and excellence within the professions of surgery. Your blog addresses your upset about the progressive direction of the affiliation/membership. Does it actually negate all of the amazing requirements to join? Does it no longer require participation, dues, excellence and recommendations? Do any of these progressive views and direction affect the professional organization in other ways besides embracing qualified POC into the group and ensure that people open their minds? It sounds like this organization is challenging the views of some of the most well educated and skilled to open their minds. You might want to attempt to approach this from an apolitical stance. Rather approach this from a stance of the diverse patient base you hopefully have treated over the years. This will advance the profession to include studies that are not white male based by having different perspectives. Advancements improve the entireity of healthcare. Inclusion of others is not an attack on you or the professions. Inclusion does not promote your disclusion.

    • I thought the image showed a great deal of diversity. I could have spent more time looked for something even more diverse, but honestly did not think I would be criticized on my choice of images. I have nothing against diversity and inclusion. I have a lot of concerns and disagreement with Critical Race Theory as espoused by its promoters. According to Thomas Sowell, CRT is not trying to end racism, just place it under new management. I agree with that.

  9. I am reading and re-reading your comments regarding excellence and I am wondering what about having a more diverse college, aggressively fighting racism, and creating a safe space for those that have been trampled on in society on their way to the ACS threatens “excellence”? Are you saying excellence is having a white majority and disregarding the plight of your colleagues? Does this mindset also apply to your non-white patients (if you have any)? Why are you so adamant about not lending a hand in this fight? If you do believe racism exists in the world (which you claim you do) then why not do your part to dismantle it in the spaces you operate in? Believing you are not racist is one thing, but saying the college isn’t as well (because that is what you are claiming by resisting these “unnecessary” changes) is absurd. You are not a mind reader and you certainly are not a good detector of “subtle” racist behavior. Additionally, you have clearly shown that you do not love your neighbor as yourself and you do not love as Christ loves you which goes against your claim that you are a Christian. If you did, you would sit in the discomfort you feel and try and figure out why your skin is crawling at the thought of your college acknowledging the threat/impact of racism and creating a more harmonious environment for EVERY member. Side note: It makes me sad to think that you have created/influenced other physicians (your daughter and others you have trained) with this mindset.

    • Wow! I am not even sure how to respond. You do not know me beyond this post yet presume to judge me and even trash me as a Christian. I will leave your post up and am tempted to just ignore it, but I will respond. Like several others, you took a post on a specific objection and have turned it into an overarching position on racism. Go back and re-read it, a bit more carefully this time. I have voiced concern about the adoption of CRT by the ACS and I stand by that position. Anti-racism is a construct of CRT and, rather than have us eliminate racism, just wants to move it to new management. It is truly repellent to me that you would even suggest that I somehow treat non-white patients differently. This goes against everything I believe and am about. Shame on you.

      • SAD

        Sir, you have not answered my question regarding how the movement against racism in the field of surgery is in opposition to excellence. I do not and can not judge you. I don’t have the power to do that. I am simply telling you that this article you have posted paints you in an unloving light. Can you also please elaborate on which parts of CRT the college has adopted and how that has threatened the standards necessary to enter and maintain good standing in the organization? Also, can you touch on what you think is the “right” move to eliminate racism? Repelled as you may be the writings on the wall. When it comes to areas in which you feel threatened and uncomfortable you strike and claw at those who you think are endangering your way of life, even though your way may have been subtly supporting the oppression of “others”. I bet you are a nice person, I bet you say hello, please, and thank you. I bet you take on patients without any noticeable biases. I am not attacking you or your stance. You can believe anything you want, but I wish you would do it in the privacy of your mind where your words and actions are not attempting to derail the progress the ACS and other organizations are trying to make. If you could answer my questions the next time you respond that would be great. Also, please give examples to support your claims on what CRT is doing to the ACS. p.s I am not ashamed.

        • It is your interpretation that my article paints me in “an unloving light.” I disagree. I am honestly befuddled by your comment. On the one hand I “strike and claw” at those who I think are endangering my way of life. What? Where did I indicate this? On the other hand, you bet I am a “nice person” who says hello, please, and thank you. Please make up your mind. You say you are not attacking my stance and then ask me to keep my thoughts to myself. I think I will leave it at that. CRT is bad news, period. Disagree with me if you will.

  10. Suzanne Lim

    So…you just leave- this cherished institution you love?? All because it is trying so hard to address issues of racism? Is this not a noble cause? IF you agree that racism is a scourge to be rooted out- why would you not at least support the college in it’s attempts? If you support the cause but disagree with the methods- that’s one thing but somehow, I am now left with the only conclusion that you are a denier of systemic racism within this institution and quite possibly within the health care system itself.

  11. You even included the quote from the February bulletin and *still* haven’t been able to self reflect. They couldn’t have explained it more plainly yet you still don’t seem to understand the part of the Dunning Krueger curve that you fall upon

  12. I cannot respond to every comment individually so this general response will have to suffice. I appreciate all who have read my blog and taken the time to comment even, believe it or not, those who disagree with me, some of you quite vehemently. One of the secrets of the success of our country is the protection of free speech, even speech we find uncomfortable or even hateful. If we lose that protection, we lose our country, possibly forever.

    I will appreciate those who seem to agree with me but I want to address those who clearly do not. The comments can be broken down into several issues, which I will attempt to respond to.

    Some have asked if I am trying to get attention for attention’s sake, i.e. am I a narcissist who seeks the spotlight? Believe what you will, but the answer is no. I saw the ACS taking a direction that I felt was divisive and with which I disagreed and spoke up. My first effort to do so privately proved futile so I chose to seek a more public venue. I also wanted to engage other surgeons.

    Someone asked why I have not been more engaged with the ACS until now. I have had to choose where to engage in the past. My discretionary time is limited. I have a busy practice and a family and interests outside of medicine. I have been involved locally, as a delegate to the Florida Medical Association; as treasurer, vice-president, and, finally, president of my local medical society; as Chief of Surgery at my hospital; as a board member on various community boards including that of two organizations that serve the indigent in my community. On top of that, I wrote a weekly medical column for the Orlando Sentinel on medical matters for over 25 years. My plate was full, so I had to make choices of where to devote my time and energy.

    Some have described my blog post as a diatribe. I have read and re-read my blog with this in mind. I disagree. You are free to disagree with me.

    Some have called me clueless, ignorant, or, more to the point, racist. The implications are clear. I have no right to comment because I am not of color. If I question in any way the manner in which the ACS is dealing with racism, it means I am, de facto, racist. This is one of the tenets of Critical Race Theory to which I take exception. I am not allowed to speak on the issue without the racist card being thrown at me. If that makes you feel better, feel free. I know what and who I am. One thing I did before I wrote this response was to have an hour-long conversation with a surgical colleague who is black. We have been friends for over forty years. He came from a disadvantaged background. He is one of the most intelligent, reasonable, down-to-earth people I know and an excellent surgeon. I came away reassured that I am not totally off the mark in my concerns about the ACS.

    I am concerned and dismayed at the direction of the ACS with respect to addressing the issue of racism within the College and in the society at large. I think embracing progressive ideology and CRT is the wrong way to approach this issue. I stand by that opinion.

  13. Jeff Laser

    I have been a fellow for 20 years and completely agree with you. Even before the reasons you have mentioned, I was growing weary of the anti-gun propaganda that was appearing time and time again. The knee jerk attempts to cancel your choice on here are typical of the left and their demand for solidarity and mo dissent or discussion. My dues have been unpaid for 2 years now. Hopefully the ACS will reorient their focus to surgeon advocacy and education.

    • Jeff, You are a refreshing voice of affirmation in a sea of unfair, accusatory comments that choose to label me rather than discuss where we disagree. Be ready for the blowback. It is coming. Rick

  14. Linelle Campbell

    Question… how much time have you spent studying critical race theory? What resources are you using to develop your stance?

    • Linelle, I have read elements on CRT from its proponents, especially Ibram Kendi. I have read commentaries on CRT by such individuals as Thomas Sowell, Shelby Spencer, Candace Owens, and others. I daresay I have read more than most of my contemporaries. I could certainly read more, but I have a day job and other responsibilities. I have read enough to know that I disagree with its most basic premise, which is to view all of human history through the lens of racism. I also refuse to accept that all whites are racist simply because they are white. As Thomas Sowell put it, better than I could, CRT is not trying to eliminate racism, just put it under new management.

  15. A disappointed colleague

    Where does “critical race theory” come up at all in any statement by the ACS? They are embracing anti-racism and promoting diversity, plain and simple; “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Being anti-racist is not political; it’s the right thing to do both as a human and as a Christian. People who aspire to be surgeons do not start out on a level playing field. Much of the trajectory of your life is determined by where you are born and who you are born to. For example, if you take two of the exact same person and raise one in a warm home with loving parents of means and that exact same person in a single parent home living in poverty, the outcome is radically different. Both have to work hard to achieve their goals, but one has significantly more disadvantages and thus a lower likelihood of achieving that goal.

    Your sentiments seem to stem from the grand fear amongst many white folks that by 2040, the majority of Americans will be from minority backgrounds. This is a fact that is inevitable and you should be embracing it rather than distancing yourself from it since we are a country of immigrants and our diversity is our strength. Good riddance.

    • You need to do some reading on CRT. Anti-racism is a specific construct of CRT as espoused by Ibram Kendi. It is not enought to declare onself not racist. If you are white, you are too steeped in your endemic racism to know this and must deal with this by accepting “anti-racism”. CRT states everyone who is not non-white is racist, period. We have no right to opine and must be re-educated by the woke progressives to overcome our inherent bias. I refuse to accept this toxic, divisive ideology. It is just taking racism and turning it over to new management.

      • A disappointed colleague

        I’ve never even heard of CRT. Anti-racist just means against racism. It’s that simple. No theory or anything behind it. Nobody said “everyone who is not non-white is racist, period.” No serious person believes that. Nobody ever said white people have “no right to opine.” Stop pretending to be a victim of the ACS promoting diversity and combating racism.

        • You need to do some reading before you express an opinion on something you yourself admit you know nothing about. You are plain wrong on every point you make. For the record, I have not claimed victimhood. My white, male privilege makes the victimizer, not the victim.

  16. It is simply amazing how many commentators come out of the woodwork to allege racism by the author without evidence. That is demonstrative of the CRT mindset, a Puritanical with hunt cloaked in an individual’s sense of moral superiority. What is interesting to note is the collapse of traditional religious belief in the US (as per Pew) and the rise of the Woke successor ideology, which is a betrayal of a enlightenment values and tradition.

  17. It is simply amazing how many commentators come out of the woodwork to allege racism by the author without evidence. That is demonstrative of the CRT mindset, a Puritanical with hunt cloaked in an individual’s sense of moral superiority. What is interesting to note is the collapse of traditional religious belief in the US (as per Pew) and the rise of the Woke successor ideology, which is a betrayal of a enlightenment values and tradition.

  18. Agnes

    Honestly, I’m confused. You believe that racism exists but you’re against being “anti-racist” because it is a part of CRT, which is an ideology you disagree with. Yet if you believe racism is wrong, then you obviously believe in anti-racism. So what exactly is your point? Anti-racism did not just get born from critical race theory. It literally means what the words are saying, “to be against racism”. Just because the ACS has decided now they want to be against racism, all of a sudden they are promoting CRT? What sense does that make? If your only connection to “anti-racism” is the CRT, then you sir have a lot to learn. I don’t presume to know you but based on what you have written, it is very evident you do not know the struggles people of color have faced in medicine. The fact that you don’t even know the percentage of people of color who are surgeons or are a part of the ACS is very fitting. It speaks to a complete lack of awareness. Your bias and dislike of CRT, BLM and other groups that in your opinion “call every white person racist” has not even allowed you to acknowledge the ACTUAL problem that has been ongoing years before someone decided to make up the phrase “CRT”. I think it’s good you’re leaving. I’m not sure what you would contribute to help at this point anyway. All I can hope is that your biases don’t reflect how you treat your patients, medical students or residents. As a black physician, knowing you are chief of surgery, I cannot imagine how you would advocate for your black colleagues or residents if you can’t separate what is truly happening with people of color in medicine with your disagreement with CRT. I wish the best of luck to the students and residents who have to work with you.

    • Agnes, I think you could have stopped with “I don’t presume to know you”, yet you go on to judge me inspite of this. Your comment is full of false assumptions and misinterpretation of what I wrote. I know what I wrote and you have taken this to extremes beyond anything I said or suggested. I will address one point and leave it at that. You are wrong regarding the term “anti-racism”. Words matter and the term anti-racism no longer means just to be against racism. It is a very specific term that all whites have to adopt because it is no longer enough for a white to say they are not racist. It is a very clear virtue signal to indicate that you are onboard with CRT ideology. If you doubt that, go look up the writing of Ibran Kendi, a vocal advocate for CRT. You may rest assured that my bias, as interpreted by you, does not enter into how I treat patients, students, or residents. I treat everyone as I would wish to be treated. I will add one more thing, since you brought up BLM, which I made no mention of. I wholeheartedly believe in the principle that black lives matter. I believe all lives matter, but I cannot say that because, according to extremists, it somehow diminishes blacks in some way. I do, however, repudiate the organization, Black Lives Matter. It is a Marxist, revolutionary group that seeks to take down society and rebuild it in some supposedly utopian mode. Its agenda is spelled out in its manifesto and is frightening. It is antithetical to the nuclear family, which is the bedrock of all civilization, including families of color. It lends no support to black families and what it has done for the cause of blacks in the US is anyone’s guess. Its leaders are not accountable to anyone. Their finances are suspect and not transparent.

  19. I’m a surgeon of color. What these virtue signaling (largely white) ppl calling you a racist are themselves the ones who are bigoted. I, and others, don’t need the help of anyone. I don’t need to be patronized by “privileged whites” who pat me on the head and say “it’s ok we know you came from nothing – we will help you.” Surgery is a skill that is learned and can be technically observed. I am skilled at it. I also had to pass tests and get good grades on tests in college and medical school to get a general surgery residency I wanted. The tests aren’t racist (as much as privileged whites want you to believe). You are rewarded for not only working hard but also having the objective results that demonstrate your competence. Critical race theory is preposterous and is destroying the internal locus of control that we need our young ppl to have. It’s 2021 – yes racism still exists but it is absolutely NOT everywhere. And every time a person of color doesn’t get a promotion or the residency position they want is not bc of their race but maybe, just maybe, someone better got the job.

    I’d like to ask all the people attacking Rick to take a step back and listen to how patronizing you sound. I don’t need or want your help

    • Joe, Thank you for commenting. I have nothing to add to what you have said. You clearly get it in a way that my detractors do not. I appreciate the support from a fellow surgeon. I think you and my co-resident would find a lot in common. Sincerely, Rick

  20. Charles M

    I appreciate your bravery in speaking out against critical race theory and anti-racism. One of the most alarming passages from Kendi’s book was that the remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination, and the remedy of present discrimination is future discrimination against racial groups who form the so-called oppressor class. It’s an explicitly racist movement. I wish that you’d also acknowledge the danger of equity. Diversity that reflects the makeup of society should be seen only as an acceptable endpoint given equal opportunity. We must recognize that cultural differences may explain different career paths and outcomes between racial groups, and that biological differences may explain the same between men and women. There’s plenty of scientific evidence to back that up, even though woke scientists are now getting papers retracted for daring to publish an opposing viewpoint. Sorry for all the bad faith insults being tossed at you from supposedly educated colleagues.

    • Charles, That’s OK. I can take it. I am a big boy (do I daresay “boy”?). Thomas Sowell said it better than I ever could. To paraphrase his statement regarding Derrick Bell, the originator of CRT, Bell and CRT are not seeking to end racism. They are simply trying to put it under new management. I agree with that view. Rick

  21. Bart

    This post is scary, period. If myself or a loved one needs surgery, I don’t care if it sounds racist – I’d be more apt to demand a white surgeon for the simple reasoning they got the job without any dumbed down testing requirements for diversity sake. I feel our entire society in a few short years has found ourselves at the edge of a cliff.

    • Bart, One of my co-residents in general surgery has gone on to a very illustrious career as an academic surgeon, teaching young surgeons, heading residency programs, and even starting one. Of the three of us in my residency year, he was the brightest. He is black and comes from a ghetto background. He got out through an athletic scholarship. I would put myself under his knife without hesitation. Residents in training have to meet all the qualifications of education and experience demanded by our board to become board-certified surgeons regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, or any other identity. Each of us is charged with the personal responsibility to seek to become the most excellent surgeons that we can be. Not every surgeon is equally good but all should be at least competent. Your fears are unfounded. My friend cited numerous examples where patients expressed the same concern you have voiced and asked for a white surgeon. His response has always been, OK, let’s talk and I will see what I can do to find the right surgeon for you. He said that invariably, after 15-20 minutes of conversation the patient has said, “Doctor, I think I stick with you as my surgeon. ” That’s the way you make change.

    • Chuck, Thank you. I am not done by a long shot. I can take the heat, especially when much of it comes from persons who have clearly made no effort to either read my blog post or try to understand it. They just react because it does not agree with their preconceived narrative. This makes meaningful dialogue impossible. How can you have a conversation when it begins with the other side calling you out as racist?

  22. Doctor

    Rick, if you find yourself constantly having to correct others’ interpretations of your rant, then at some point you need to look at yourself as a poor communicator. Progress only moves in one direction, and people of younger generations will one day look back at your opinions and wonder how a man who received so much education came so short. People who have experienced the active and passive benefits of privilege view equality as unfair; it’s time for the spotlight to shine on other folks. Thank you for your service, but the times, they are a-changing… and with it, the beliefs of society at large.

    • I would agree with you except that a large enough number of persons commenting seem to be getting what I am saying correctly, so I think the problem is more with the critics than with me. I think what I said was pretty clear. My post has been described as a diatribe by some and now, by you, as a rant. That is plain wrong. My blog does not come close to a diatribe or rant. Look up those words and re-read my blog. You are also wrong in saying that progress moves in one direction. It depends on your view of progress. With respect to CRT, I believe this is progress in the wrong direction and will continue to fight it. I am getting tired of hearing how privileged I am, as though I had nothing to do with my success. I know many blacks and other non-whites who would disagree quite vociferously with you. Since when is the supposed consensus always right? On CRT, there is no consensus, even among non-whites. Thanks for commenting.

    • PLC - Person Lacking Color


      He has to correct others because like yourself, they are possessed and unable to think critically. His only failing is in thinking it’s worth addressing their projections.

      You and the others who are repeating the doctrine, scripture and mantras, as made popular by Kendi and DiAngelo (although not invented by), are complete lunatics. Lame. Weak. Dumb. You have no opinions of your own.

      You offer nothing but amusement to even the most moderately sane people. With a tinge of terror. Because like it or not you and yours are winning. You’re getting everything you demand.

    • Wow! Great resource. I will disseminate this as far as possible. I have already been approached by someone from FAIR and will be talking more with them. They are a physician also. It is about time reasonable, liberal minded people push back against this insanity. Thank you!

  23. Matthew Abraham

    Excellent , thank you. As a young surgeon who proudly achieved FACS last year, I too am deeply concerned by these increasingly liberal tendencies of the college at odds with their traditional values. Can you recommend any alternatives to the ACS or do you foresee any developing?

    • Matthew, I am new to this sort of thing. I have never been politically active beyond exercising my right to vote. My dismay at many trends in society has been growing for years and this clear move to the left by our College was the last straw. I am not aware of any like organization that could take the place of the ACS for surgeons beyond the various specialty societies. What drew me to the ACS was its comprehensive representation of all surgeons and the mission of promoting excellence in its members. That last has clearly changed into promoting DEI without concomitant emphasis on excellence and competence. I have received support in my stance from surgeons who are black or from other minority groups who feel as I do about CRT. I really do not wish to leave the ACS. I have finally been reached out to by the leadership of the College and, it appears, there are many in its ranks who feel as I do. The failure to respond to my initial, private effort to express my concerns was due to a confluence of factors, including personal medical issues, and this was explained to me. I have been invited to continue this dialogue with the head of membership, which I plan to do next week. Hang in there. There are many, like me, who are trying to get the ACS back on track to its primary mission: to support surgeons, all surgeons. And, congratulations on attaining Fellowship. Rick

  24. I think the responses here reveal that the ship has sailed on the ACS. It will become just as irrelevant as the AMA, which I believe has only a 12% membership of all practicing physicians (excluding medical students or residents). We can’t expect doctors to be unified in social issues anymore than the general public in this hyper partisan internet driven environment. Since you raised the question Dr. Bosshardt, perhaps it’s time to start an alternative college that are more aligned to the values of (the al least) 50% of fellows of the current ACS? All movements start out as small ideas…

    • I left the AMA because of their abdication of their responsibility to represent physicians and patients in the passage of Obamacare. You may be right about the ACS. I have had conversations with several in the leadership which lead me to conclude that the ACS may step back from the brink of full blown progressive insanity. Time will tell. Meanwhile, I will watch and wait to see what happens for the remainder of 2021. My dues are paid up until then.

  25. Jack’s Lack Of Surprise

    Takes a lot of courage to speak out publicly. And you’re doing a fine job of dealing with the ideologues attacking you in these comments.

    Hilarious is the Jeff Klein character asserting disparate outcomes as proof of racism. And in the next sentence name dropping Sowell in a dismissive way. The very person who’s work annihilates this moronic illogical way of identifying the cause of complex problems.

  26. I just trashed a comment by someone named Michael, who apparently supports me, because it stooped to pure name-called and had nothing productive to say. I have no problem with disagreed, even strong disagreement. I only ask that commenters be civil and address the issue without resorting to personal attacks.

  27. wmbii

    Dr. Bosshardt, thanks for your article. You really opened my eyes; I haven’t been following the issue closely. Have been in practice since ‘91 and becoming a Fellow was one of my proudest days. Now, I’m disgusted and will not renew. We should be about excellence, period. Thanks again. Going Galt, too.

    • Thank you. My intent was to publicize something that few people, even in the ACS, know anything about. The inability to understand that antiracism is de facto CRT, is a huge blind spot even among the regents and upper leadership of the College. I think they have been blindsided and lied to by younger, radical elements in the College. Those elements will, I fear, destroy a wonderful institution due to their venomous lunacy. The responses I have received from some other Fellows makes me shake my head in disbelief. Some of my biggest supporters have been surgeons of color who understand CRT and detest it. Rick

  28. parka21

    Richard, I am sorry to say but the cause is lost. The best solution is for those who have similar views about the current state of the ACS is to leave, and start or join another organization (perhaps the NBPAS?)

    • I am very sorry to hear that. It is a truism that for evil (to which I would add bad ideas and ideology) to triumph, all that is needed is for good men and women to do nothing. I guess we are reaping the whirlwind for focusing too much on our practices, patients, and families and expecting that our College would maintain some semblance of focus on the mission and not get sidetracked into political/ideological quagmires. I have spoken to some of the leadership and they sound like reasonable people who are also disturbed at the recent direction of the ACS. I have warned that if we do not change our direction, we (the ACS) could become as irrelevant as the AMA has become. Thanks for reading and commenting. Rick

  29. rtemployeehardt

    As a surgeon, I am concerned that FACS = excellence was an institution for all surgeons, and now you and a large contingent of other surgeons are seeking to strip that distinction of our collective recognition because of an ideological argument. I get that you think anti-racism is a wrong agenda item for the College. I strongly disagree for a number of reasons, but would absolutely be willing to debate what we each think is a “good direction.” The offense I think you’ve committed in broadcasting this strategy is that you have made a rallying cry to create a double standard for surgical distinction based on ideological values, rather than accept the unified distinction of an organization that tolerates the ideological conflicts within its membership. You are done trying to influence ACS to change its agenda. You’ve given up. The only successful endpoint of your argument is that a large contingent of surgeons like parka21 above joins you in leaving ACS to establish a different set of criteria for excellence. ACS and {new association} begin to represent distinct values of excellence, and a new double standard is born. Would you expect one group to have a more privileged membership than the other? Would you expect one group to be more surgically excellent than the other? Which surgeons’ association should the public trust more? Which should have more influence over public health policy? Which should establish the quality standards of clinical research and practice? You’re the leader of the movement, what’s your pitch to young excellent surgeons of color who are skeptical of your cause?

    • I agree with the first half of your first sentence but disagree very much with the rest of it. Before you judge, educate yourself on Critical Race Theory and its necessary requirement to adopt “antiracism”. CRT does not allow anyone to claim they are not racist or are against racism; they have to accept the CRT-specific term “antiracism”. This is much more than just being against racism. It is accepting your personal racism and corporate guilt for all the persons you have oppressed whether by burning crosses on their lawn or microaggressions you were totally unaware of. You have to own your racism and accept that now it will be managed by the formerly oppressed. It is Marxist to the core. The leadership of ACS is clueless based on my conversations with them. Why has this even come up? I believe it because there is a vocal, radical element in the ACS, made up largely of younger surgeons who do not think critically, and older leaders who abet and enable their dangerous ideology. If there is any doubt that the antiracism stance of the ACS is equivalent to adopting CRT, the fact that Ibram Kendi, one of the most radical proponents of CRT has been invited to address the College, should put this to rest. I believe this is an existential threat to the ACS, not mention America as a whole. If you don’t believe me, do a little research and read what others of color think of CRT. I recommend Thomas Sowell, Eli Steele, John McWhorter, Candace Owens among others. My pitch to new, young surgeons would be to think critically and do your due diligence before buying in to CRT and the ACS adoption of this toxic ideology. It has no place in the ACS. If we have racism issues, and I dispute the systemic racism of the ACS, there are much better ways to deal with it than adopting CRT.

      • rtemployeehardt

        You sidestepped the point. Can you respond about how your example of abandoning FACS creates a double standard of excellence? Moreover, can you do it without the commentary about what you believe is ideologically Marxist, clueless, radical, or dangerous?

        Again, in repudiating FACS, you demonstrate that you would rather invent a competing set of rules for what is excellent based on your own ideological values than accept a standard of excellence recognized by surgeons who are in ideological conflict. Is that the example we should all follow? If so, prepare for an eternity of fractal divisions of your new club.

        Also, how can one whose strategy is to withdraw from participation expect to be taken seriously when claiming to know better ways to participate?

        Thank you for publishing these comments.

  30. Side-stepped how? What point? If the point is that I am abandoning the ACS in order to start an alternate organization to promote excellence, that is entirely wrong. My only reason for considering leaving such a storied organization that I have been a part of for over two decades is that they are on a path that I will not follow. My premise is simple and no one has made even a vague attempt to refute it: antiracism is de facto CRT and has no place in the ACS. It is that simple. It speaks to the level of toxicity and divisiveness that I, and many others, including many of color, ascribe to CRT and its offshoot, antiracism. Words matter. If the ACS chooses to adopt antiracism into its values, then its values no longer align with mine. It is truly that simple. So far, the adoption process is still unfolding. If it slows or reverses itself, I will probably remain to continue to work against it from inside. If the ACS goes full bore progressive “woke”, then I have no interest in seeing an honored society go down in CRT flames.

  31. Tom

    Bravo. I applaud you for taking a stand, and agree that these trends are quite disturbing, especially the push to force CRT on those in training, the exclusion of any voice that dissents, and (most especially) the push for equity in healthcare (as opposed to equality, which is based on meritocracy and not an equality of outcomes).

    I’m sure that the public would be mortified if you actually explained that “equity” literally means that their surgeon performing their operation did not achieve their position based on their qualifications and being the best at what they do, but instead was placed in that position simply because of a need to have enough representation of external factors (gender, race, sexual preference), and may have been unqualified compared to other candidates that were not matched to that specialty (in spite of being more qualified).

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