Covid-19: The end is near. Or is it?

This is my imperfect attempt to put into words my current thoughts and feelings regarding this entire Covid-19 situation. Today, after more than five weeks of sheltering-in-place, social distancing, and being prohibited by the powers-that-be from practicing my profession, I thought I would be delighted at the welcome news that the governor has given the go ahead to resume elective surgery on May 4. Instead, I find myself angry and sick at heart. Having no better appropriate outlet for my anger- going into a quiet corner somewhere and shouting obscenities at nobody doesn’t seem productive- I am sitting here writing down some thoughts. I will go over this later and see if any of it is worth sharing otherwise it will never see the light of day.

I see a world I no longer recognize. It is a world in which there appears to be a deliberate campaign of disinformation and misinformation the purpose of which, more than anything else, seems to be to instill and maintain an atmosphere of unreasonable fear. The underlying purpose of this is still unclear. I think we have long passed the point where we can justify the current situation on the basis of public health. The American people have accepted almost without question a degree of government encroachment of their personal liberties which would have been impossible without the fear factor. We have permitted the Federal, state, and even local city governments to tell us we cannot leave our homes, we cannot keep our businesses open, and we cannot gather in other than tiny groups. A population of 300 million people has allowed itself to be quarantined and a trillion dollar economy has been shutdown, without a timetable or any inkling of the possible repercussions, for the first time in our history. All this because of fear. Fear of a virus about which we admittedly do not know everything, which is not to say that we do not know a lot about it.  

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  1. Dr. Bosshardt,

    Thank you so much for your intelligent post which sums up much of what I have thought from the beginning. The entire response to COVID-19 has been absurd and feels engineered to bring in some kind of new world. This is not acceptable, and your point about the government funding all the businesses and citizens while were are forced into quarantine is spot on. Of course, as a believer, I agree with you that God is still in control and this is not a surprise to Him. Trusting Him keeps us in the perfect place no matter how hard or insane the circumstances. Perhaps we will all be amazed at how easily we have been duped into panic and compliance over a relatively small reason (compared with war or enemy invasion).

    Thank you for being part of the front lines in this new territory!

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