The State of Kansas Affirms Biological Sex

Her claim is made with no evidence to support it. I am sure that is because such evidence does not exist outside of centers that promote queer theory and gender as an emotional and not a biological reality, and among doctors, like her, who have bought into woke medicine. Any Hippocratic physician will have no difficulty distinguishing what a woman is, unlike Dr. Oller, who appears to be very befuddled.

Her second falsehood is the alleged prevalence of intersex, which is when an individual exhibits some features of both sexes, such as babies with ambiguous genitalia. “Gender is not binary but is a spectrum of biological, mental, and emotional traits that exist along a continuum,” she said. “Intersex people exist.” No one disputes that. Then, Oller claims “Intersex is not a social construct or a gender identity. It is a biological configuration where a body has both male and female features, making it difficult to determine sex based on chromosomes or by examining external or internal sexual organs. It is estimated that babies with intersex traits account for up to 2% of live births”. This is a gross exaggeration of the actual number, which is actually closer to 0.018% or more than two orders of magnitude more rare.

What is truly interesting and simultaneously undermines her testimony is the sentence above that I have emphasized in bold print and underlined. Notice that she offers only two options- male and female. There is no third. There are exactly two sex chromosomes that determine biological sex, Y and X. Intersex is only understandable in the context of a binary of biologic and genetic male and female. She claims intersex is a “biological configuration” that is comprised of two social constructs. That is a feat of logical incoherence that few could pull off, yet she does it.

I am a physician who believes the binary understanding of sex, with extremely rare exceptions noted above. Even these serve as further confirmation of the basic binary nature of sex. I worry that Oller and others like her in the medical profession, will be taken seriously by those who do not have the knowledge to refute her unscientific, fringe opinions. Her MD gives her a badge of legitimacy and plausibility even when she makes outrageous claims based on emotion and ideology, not science. The scariest part is that she is actually providing “gender affirming” care to children, undoubtedly in the belief that young children know best what gender they are and should be affirmed, even to the extent of providing them with irreversible, poorly understood puberty blockers. This is beyond lunacy; it is criminal experimentation on children. That this is permitted in the U.S. today speaks to the battle being waged for the soul of medical care in this country. Parents with small children trying to bring them up in places where such thinking prevails, be afraid. Be very afraid. If Dr. Oller or someone of her persuasion is your pediatrician, be terrified.

Richard T. Bosshardt, MD, FACS

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